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Beautiful cakes just for you!


“Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories’’

Now get amazing beautiful and freshly baked cakes just for your special occasion online from the birthday cake shop. Many times we look for the best bakery shop near us. But we are unable to find it near us. So for your convenience, only online cake delivery services are available. You just need to search for a cake store near me and you will get a number of online cake delivery options available. From there you can choose your favorite birthday cake shop and get an amazing chocolate cake order online.

Birthday cake shopYou can get a special customized cake with a customizable flower bouquet with flowers of your choice. We also have small gifts to make it all a perfect combo for surprising the people whom you are gifting the cake. A birthday cake shop online is your solution to problems like these. Just order online and the delivery of your box of sweetness will reach you.

Enjoy every bite of your cake from birthday cake shop online

As a bakery shop, we want you to be delighted with every bite of the cake. Cakes represent sweetness and happiness, and our motto is to make your life sweeter and happier. You can contact the birthday cake shop either online or via call and place your order from our wide variety of cakes.

Birthday cake shopYou can order from a number of cakes like a congratulatory cake, or an apology cake, or a wedding cake, birthday cake, regular cakes, or designer cakes and so many more to choose from. Just visit the Online Cake NCR website and choose for yourself. You can take the liberty of ordering any cake you like and its delivery at your doorstep.

You can also get customized cakes for any special occasion from a cake shop online. Talk to our chef and let them know about your preferences, and we guarantee you will get your desirable cake only! Because your satisfaction is our motto!!

Create memories forever

Ordering your favorite desert online gives you the liberty of choosing from a number of cake options. You can order chocolate cake online and get it for yourself just because you want it; because nobody needs an excuse to have cake.

‘‘Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.’’  
So, order a chocolate cake online for your friend’s birthday from birthday cake shop online. And surprise your friends with midnight cake delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, and Bhopal.

Birthday cake shopTo find a birthday cake shop online you can search for a cake shop near me home delivery and get it delivered at your doorstep whenever you like it.

Order a beautiful flower bouquet of your choice along with the cake and make it an impressive combo for your loved one. As every occasion is special and so should your surprise be!

Chocolate Cake Online

For the love of chocolates!

Everybody likes chocolates…I can’t think of anyone who has ever said no to chocolates! But surely everybody likes it in different forms. Kids like chocolate bars too much, while chocolate in the form of chocolate cakes are preferable more by most adults. So, for your convenience, you can now order chocolate cake online and make your kids happy! As you don’t need an excuse to get a cake, order it online whenever you feel like it!

chocolate cake onlineNowadays, cake is the most important thing in any kind of party or function. The western culture of cutting cake on the wedding reception is following in India too. And to make things easier for you, you can order chocolate cake online now. A cake symbolizes happiness and good luck to the newlywed couple. Cakes in itself is a symbol of sweetness and celebrations which is why it is the main requirement in every function and event.

Get chocolate cake online from your favorite bakers

To order a cake, earlier and sometimes now as well, you had to look for the perfect chocolate cake shop near you. And if it was far away from your place, you have to take out time from your busy schedule and get it. In case of special orders, this is not even a single day’s task. It usually takes two rounds to the bakery to get your personalize cakes. But now with the help of Online cake NCR you can get your chocolate cake online and quickly. You don’t need to take any trouble, because this bakery is coming to you!

caaaaaakeYes! You heard it right! Your favorite bakery is coming to your doorstep with your favorite cake and flowers as well if you’d like. Therefore, you can just order online from our website and find your favorite chocolate cake online. Place your order and be rest assure to get it an on-time delivery!

Order now your favorite cakes!

chocolate cake onlineOnline cake NCR gives you the opportunity to order chocolate cake online, which benefits you in many different ways. Firstly, you save a lot of time by just getting to place an order online from the comfort of your home. Secondly and most importantly, you get to select your favorite cakes by looking at it and get a chance to customize it as you like it!  Get extra chocolate chips put on your cake or you can get fruits and nuts add to your cake. You can get customized designer cakes which are surely going to make your party special! Or you can get a Barbie doll cake for your princess daughter or get a car-shaped cake for your little boy!

Get chocolate cake online and save your time. Thus, surprising your loved ones with midnight delivery of chocolate cake online as well!

Online cake delivery in Gurgaon

Significance of cakes in an event

Online cake delivery in Gurgaon The cake is a sweet dish that is loved by all, kids or adults. It is shared and gifted to our loved ones as a sweet gesture to show our love towards them. Therefore it forms an essential part of every occasion. Any kids’ birthday is incomplete without a cake cutting ceremony; it is a ritual which is followed for a long time. So now you have the option of online cake delivery in Gurgaon; to order in some lip-smacking cakes to make your function even sweeter. Online cake delivery in Gurgaon makes things really easy for you. As you don’t personally have to take some time out of your daily busy schedule, to order a cake. So, next time you have a party to host, you can forget about finding the best bakery around you; as you can order your cake online, and focus on other arrangements.

Perks of online cake delivery in Gurgaon

Online cake delivery in Gurgaon While ordering a cake online, you have more than 100 designs and sizes available. Whereas, if you will go to a retail shop, and try to order from them you will get a few cake designs. The amazing benefits of Online Cake NCR is that you can get customizable cake. This means that you can decide for yourself the amount of chocolate oozing out of your cake. We provide doorstep delivery which is another benefit of online cake delivery in Gurgaon. You get the cake without stepping out of your home, it reduces the effort and you can do other important work.

Getting doorstep delivery is the ultimate experience, as well as you can also get cake delivery to your friend’s place as well. We also provide services like same-day delivery and midnight delivery. So ordering cake online NCR in Gurgaon will give an exotic and better experience of your lifetime.

Why must you choose us?

Online cake delivery in Gurgaon By online cake ordering, you are saving your precious time as you don’t have to go to the shop to place orders. You have the option of ordering cake online while browsing the internet and not interrupting your daily routine. You get a wide variety of cake online on our website. multiple choices will help you in deciding what you want better. Online cake delivery in Gurgaon provides you doorstep delivery of cakes, be it of any size or shape. Your cake will reach you in perfect condition. We have cakes for all types of occasions, fancy cakes or delightful cakes you name it and we have it. We also have flowers and small gifts to complement your surprises, which makes the occasion even more special. Online cake delivery in Gurgaon makes life easier for you as you are getting your sweet box of cake delivery to your location.

Online cake delivery in Bangalore

The joy of celebrating!!

Online cake delivery in BangaloreSince ages, birthdays have been celebrated with so much zest and joy. Family and children sing a birthday song, following which a cake-cutting ceremony takes place. It is usually the way birthday are live up to. Parents celebrate their kids’ birthdays by hosting small parties at home, inviting their friends and getting cakes. So, cakes hold a special significance in everyone’s life. And with the help of advancement in internet connectivity; now it is easier to host the best birthday party by ordering a big scrumptious cake online. Yes, you heard it right; now get online cake delivery in Bangalore.By ordering it from the official website. Therefore, many companies are providing these services for your comfort. Thus Online cake delivery in Bangalore has surely made things easier for you, you can get your cake delivered at your home or office or anywhere else you want.

Varieties of cakes from online cake delivery in Bangalore –


Women’s Day cakes – Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March internationally every year to honor all the women around the world. Make your mother, daughter, friend or teachers feel special; and honor them by getting them a scrumptious and divine cake from Online Cake NCR. So, Order online and we will deliver it right at your home or office.

Online cake delivery in Bangalore

Birthday cakes – The most desired cakes are birthday cakes. Amidst your busy schedules, one does not get enough time to buy special cakes for their dear ones. Thus, now with online delivery, you can get the yummiest and fanciest cakes just at a single click.

Anniversary cakes – Wedding anniversaries are one the most special days in a couple’s life, which celebrate the bond of their relationship. These moments are incomplete without a cake cutting ceremony. You can celebrate your anniversary by cutting a delightful cake with your partner.

Designer cakes These days satisfying all kids’ needs is nearly impossible, especially on their birthdays. So Kids demand varied things from their parents on their birthday. One of their special demands is getting a big designer cake for kids. Designer cakes are available in different flavors and styles. Therefore, you can choose from a wide variety of these cakes online with your child and they will be happy. Thus, satisfying the kid’s needs.

Online cake delivery in Bangalore

Congratulatory cakes – Celebrate your loved one’s success, achievement or any of their accomplishments; by getting them an exceptional congratulatory cake through online cake delivery in Bangalore. Also, a baby shower is not complete without a big 3 tier cake cutting; which you can just order online and we will deliver it at your place.


We deliver cakes throughout Bangalore with the fastest delivery with the help of online cake delivery in Bangalore. Online cake NCR chefs have years of experience in serving you fresh baked good quality cakes. Our main aim is to provide you with the best quality cakes and to make your special day a memorable affair to remember.

Birthday Cake Designs for your Kid

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Find the best bakery around you..!

When it comes to selecting birthday cake designs for your kid, it becomes extremely confusing for parents. Children like something today and they might not even care about any of it later that same day. So, it’s an important decision to pick special birthday cake designs for your kid.


Additionally, you can select a birthday cake designs for your kid with the help of online websites. These days there is access to online birthday cake delivery in Delhi. You can pick a birthday cake designs for your kid from these sites.


Few birthday cake designs for your kid –


  1. Cookie Cake

birthday cake designs for your kid


Children love surprises, and if you want to excite them furthermore this cake will be your perfect choice. As your child will cut the cake, they will find lots of candies inside it. And nothing excites a child more than candies and cakes! This will constitute as one of the perfect birthday cake designs for your kid.


  1. Ice-cream Drip Cake

birthday cake designs for your kid




This cake is specially designed for a summer birthday celebration. It has got a thick ice cream layer on top of the cake and filling is of bread. Ice cream always makes everything more exciting and interesting so of course, this cake will be a perfect choice in summers.



  1. Rainbow Layered Cake

birthday cake designs for your kid


A 21st century’s kid’s birthday is not complete without getting a minimum one rainbow cake. It’s extremely simple to dazzle your child and your guests at the same time. You can buy this cake for a 1st birthday party for your child or for younger kids. Every child will love it!




  1. Cars Themed Birthday cake

birthday cake designs for your kid


Taking inspiration from the Cars movie, which is a Disney movie, you can get a customized cake for your child. Cars shaped cake will be a favorite among many boys even among adults. In addition, you have such huge numbers of car choices for this subject. This is another variant of birthday cake designs for your kid.





  1. Photograph cake

birthday cake designs for your kid



One of the most trending cakes these days is Photo Cake. You can get a photo of your child printed on top of the cake which thrills the child. But don’t worry, that picture is edible so there is absolutely no harm with this cake.




Come to us for your special cake

You get all these options online as well. Online Cake NCR specializes in preparing all kinds of cakes. You can just place your order online, and select your choice of birthday cake designs for your kid. As per your demands, your choice of birthday cake designs for your kid will be delivered to your doorstep. Our chefs and staff members have got years of experience in this field, and we can assure you of the best quality cakes on your special day. Our main motto is to serve you with the best cakes and build up a great relationship with you.

24 Hours Cake Shop Near Me

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Indulge yourself in the sweetness of cakes

24 hours cake shop near me No occasion is complete without a cake cutting ceremony. And everybody wants the best cake for their celebration. People often look for the best bakery shops near them for getting that perfect cake. But many are unaware that they also have the option of buying cakes online. They can just search for a 24 hours cake shop near me and a list of options will be presented to them on the internet.

Many bakery shops are giving you the option of booking your cakes online, and they take the responsibility of delivering the cake at your place too. With the advancement in technology, many services are available to you over the internet. By just searching for a 24 hours cake shop near me you get a variety of bakeries around you. You won’t even have to take the trouble of taking time out of your busy day to get the cake, these bakeries will deliver it.

It’s fresh and yummy! | 24 hours cake shop near me

24 hours cake shop near me All these bakeries promise you the finest quality cakes for your celebration day. No bakery will compromise with the quality of cake and take the risk of ruining their relationship with you. 24 hours cake shop near me is thus a reliable option for everyone to order cakes. These bakeries work towards building your trust and therefore will never provide you with a stale cake. Always a freshly baked cake will be delivered to you even if you want it at midnight.

You also get the option to gift toys and flowers to your loved ones. Instead, you can just look for 24 hours cake shop near me and select from your desired shop. Place an order online and you will get the cake at your specified location. Midnight cake delivery is also available so you get a double benefit. The online ordering can be done from anywhere in India to anywhere else.

Made with love

24 hours cake shop near me While looking for the best 24 hours cake shop near me you will get a list of bakeries around you. But which one to choose is a difficult decision. Online cake NCR is one of the bakery shops near you that provide home delivery of cakes for you. They also deliver at midnight so that you can surprise your loved ones in the middle of the night as well. Online cake NCR is the 24 hours cake shop near me that you will find and one on which you can trust. We don’t compromise with any kind of quality in services provided to you. Our main motto is to satisfy our customers with the best services. We have made people happy and satisfied with our services over the years and we can assure you won’t be able to resist after having the first bite.

Kids Birthday Cakes in Noida

Birthday cake calories don’t count

Kids birthday cakes in NoidaWe all know a kid’s birthday is incomplete without a scrumptious cake. A cake holds a crucial place in every birthday party. Even as an adult our birthday celebrations are half-done without a cake cutting ceremony. Arranging that perfect kids birthday cakes in Noida for your loved ones is never an easy task. All the trouble that you have to go through from finding that ideal bakery shop and placing the order months in advance. And then the biggest responsibility is to carefully bring the cake to the desired place. Organizing all this amidst your busy schedule can put you in a restless position. So, to make your work a little easier, online services are available for kids’ birthday cakes in Noida. These services help you a lot in managing your time and getting your job done easily. So, consider these online services before going through any trouble again.

It’s cake o’clock | Kids birthday cakes in Noida

Kids birthday cakes in NoidaNow it is not so difficult to organize a birthday party for your kids with an exceptional quality cake. Get amazing first-rate kids birthday cakes in Noida online now! You don’t have to put up with the pressure of digging into finding that perfect place to order your cake. You can just select from the ease of your home or workplace, and choose from a variety of cakes online. People have the option to choose from a wide range of chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, decorative cakes, special kids birthday cakes in Noida and more. Just place an order online with their choice preferences and make it a special gesture. Make your kids happier by getting them the most special cakes for their birthday. A cake, about which they can boast in front of their friends. These small gestures can really make a difference in your child’s life.

Indulge in the sweetness again and again!

Kids birthday cakes in Noida
Online services in every field of work have made things really easier around. And now, you also have the option of ordering cakes online. How amazing is that! No more trouble of finding a good bakery around or plan to go distances just to get perfect. Thus, no more troubles of juggling through traffic jams, or to worry about hiding the cake before the birthday boy/girls sees it. You can just order online kids birthday cakes in Noida.

Onlinecakencr is one of the online cake providing services. They also provide you with ordering gifts online along with flowers. So, you can order not just for kids birthday cake in Noida, but also for many other occasions. You can just send a cake from anywhere in the world to your loved ones in India just to show your affection. So, hurry and order kids birthday cakes in Noida online and make their day special.

Cake delivery in Gurgaon

Essentials for planning a party

cake delivery in gurgaon

While planning a party, what do you require? You need a party planner, you need a good bakery for the yummy cakes, and most importantly you need your favorite people around you. But what if you don’t get a good bakery around you? Gurgaon is one of the most happening places in NCR. And people expect good quality cakes for their special parties. But what if you come to know about an online service that provides online cake delivery in Gurgaon!? Yes, you heard it right! Now it is possible to order cakes online and save your precious time in planning. Online cake delivery in Gurgaon saves a lot of your time and solves the problem of storing and hiding. They also deliver flowers and special gift packs. So go ahead and plan that stunning party, because now you don’t have to worry about cake delivery in Gurgaon.




Sugar Coat Everything | cake delivery in Gurgaon


cake delivery in GurgaonOrganize that stunning party for your friend and gather all the praises for yourself! Get personalized cake and gifts for your friends. You get a lot of variety of cakes online for different occasions. There is an option of gifting your loved ones in a unique style this time with online cake delivery in Gurgaon. You also have the option of gifting them flowers and small gift packs to go with the cakes. You get variations in cakes like for valentines, anniversary, cakes for an apology, birthdays, congratulatory cakes, appreciative cakes and more. Throughout the year there are many occasions where you get a chance to show your affection through these small gestures. People get happy on receiving gifts, more so when it has some meaning to it. So, amidst your hectic schedule, you get a chance to make your loved ones feel joyous by gifting them sweets by online cake delivery in Gurgaon.

Add some sweetness to your fun

cake delivery in gurgaon



So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and order that box of surprise to delight your friends and family. It doesn’t matter if you are not in Gurgaon, you can still order online cake delivery in Gurgaon to your special one. And make their day, year and their mood elated. Online cake NCR helps you with all this, their service providers are efficient enough in delivering your sweet box of cake on time. You don’t have to worry about juggling through traffic, your cake and gifts with flowers will be delivered at your doorstep on time. You can choose the time of delivery by yourself, it could also be midnight. Midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon is also available. The freshly baked cake is being delivered to you at your specified location and time. You get Cakes for every reason and every season!

Midnight Cake Delivery in Gurgaon

Cakes for all occasions

midnight cake delivery in gurgaon

People, these days like to celebrate their special moments with a hip and happening party with their loved ones. As many of these moments are celebrated at midnight, cake cutting in the middle of the night is very much in vogue. These days at almost every occasion people celebrate by a cake cutting ceremony followed by a party. Also, friends and families often surprise their loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, and on many different occasions with a cake. But it’s plausible that the bakery shops near you will be closed at night. To solve this problem you have got midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon services. These services provide you with freshly baked cakes. Mostly birthday cake delivery in Gurgaon is quite popular. So, midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon is to your rescue providing you the best of the freshly baked cakes.

 Freshly baked every day| Midnight Cake Delivery in Gurgaon

midnight cake delivery in gurgaon

Online cake delivery in Gurgaon brings to you the taste of fresh and yummy cakes. Solving all your bakery problems online cake delivery is your answer. They take orders online as well as in person. It’s best if you celebrate your birthday eve with a cake, and it makes it even more special when the cake is fresh. You just have to contact midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon for that perfect cake that you have been waiting for. You can also order online for someone sitting away from you. Flowers can also be ordered with cakes. Now you need not have to worry about the stale cakes at your celebrations, you can just pre-order cake online in Gurgaon and make your party more interesting. Midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon is a viable option for all those people living away from their dear ones and, wants to surprise them at midnight.

 Try it once, and forget the rest!

midnight cake delivery in gurgaon

Delivering cakes online is nothing less than delivering happiness. We, onlinecakencr believe in delivering happiness to your home and to your loved ones. We believe in providing you with our best services so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon is for all those people who don’t have time to order cake and store it till midnight. Instead, we bring you your box of sweetness packed in perfect condition with flowers as well; and deliver it at your specified time and place. Our delivery boys are efficient in delivering the orders. Midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon by onlinecakencr is your solution to surprise your dear ones. Our freshly baked cake will surely make you think of us the next time you have a party for sure. Give us a chance to make your evening special and enjoy your celebration with our box of sweetness.

Cake delivery in Delhi

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Cake Delivery In Delhi- 24 * 7 Service

cake delivery in delhi

Delhi is the city of different culture. As we know people from all around the country reside here in search of job and shelter. Therefore people in this city are fond of food and never hesitate to celebrate any occasion. Whether its marriage day, birthday, opening ceremony of any venture ETC, organizer like to celebrate in a best way. For any function whether it’s of family or office party, cake cutting plays a vital role. Delicious cakes are love of the taste buds. One try to have the maximum bite of different variety of cakes. Cake delivery in Delhi is easily available in each corner of the street. There are so much shops and ventures available to deliver your brand of cake 24 into 7. Doorstep cake delivery in Delhi and related items have made the life of people comfortable.


Dignity Is Maintained By Its Quality



cake delivery in delhi

In this city, where people have very much less time to stop by and get together. Occasions give them a charming opportunity to meet their loved ones. Cake delivery in Delhi deliver their products in organized way. Similarly fulfilling the demand of the customer is their prime motive. Thus the one venture who stands out in their performance is Online Cake NCR. They have a very productive team of people. On time delivery as well as the proper ingredient used for making of the cake creates a well deserve customer base. Mouth melting cake create tasty havoc on the taste buds.Twisted tongue makes heart go haywire. Some problems are lovable, love for the cake is one of them. Cake delivery in Delhi gives unlimited options of cake. The quality is maintain from the day venture was started.


Variety Gives The Customer Satisfaction



cake delivery in delhi

Cake delivery in Delhi always delights the hope of its customer. Their feedback team is also strong to deal with the wrong happenings. Now a days full vegetarian cakes are also available with delicious taste. Natural products are utilize to make a cake. Beside cake they also have other items related to party. Such as party balloons, knife, foil balloon, party props, LED balloons, gifts ETC. Banners are commonly used nowadays. However fruit, chocolate, butterscotch, dry fruit, flower, black forest, red velvet, pineapple, strawberry cakes are some of the recommended ones which are heartthrob of the city. 100% egg less cakes are in trend for vegetarians. Therefore demand for opting this crazy cake delivery in Delhi includes-

  • Fresh shape and size of cake.
  • Midnight delivery boy available.
  • Variety of choices to choose.
  • COD as well as pay later available.
  • Perfect treat for your love ones.

So why to wait, order your cake with full faith.

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