Personalized Topping Cake – Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida

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Birthdays only come around once in a year, so choosing to make it a meaningful time for our loved ones is both wise and kind. It’s all too easy to get swept up in the planning and the decor, but infusing into these gatherings can make all the difference. Birthday Cake is the perfect symbol of joy and happiness. Everyone feels the Joy in cutting a Cake. Surprise someone on their Special Day by ordering a Birthday cake. It is the best thing which works best to make the day more Special. It symbolises the joy, Laughter and a bond between people. At Birthday Cake online we provide Customized cake, Mugs and Cups, Bouquet, personalised gifts, Teddy bear etc. which makes your loved one feel so special. We also provide midnight Birthday cake shipping service in Noida which is likely to make your loved one really surprising.

Birthday Cake delivery in Noida- Online Cake NCR

Fresh Cake for Happiness- Online Cake NCR

Cakes are the lovely way to express feelings that could arouse the euphoric emotions of loved ones for one another. At Online Cake NCR we provide many option on our website and you can choose your cake according to the occasion which you are looking for. You just need to logon from photo cake to designer cake we have it all. We also offer affordable products as compared to local stores without compromising the Quality. Our cakes are rich in Quality and fresh in taste. We offers some of the best Birthday cake delivery in Noida. Cakes are one of the excellent representation of love and affection. So, the next time when you need a cake, do not forget to order a cake of your preference from Birthday cake online. We offer birthday cakes which are rich in taste and provide Birthday cake delivery in Noida to make someone’s special day much more special.


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The festival of Raksha Bandhan is only a couple of days away. Rakhi is also one such festival whenever the full family is comes under the very same roof.  Much like Rakhi, today you may also select rakhi with beautiful cakes by ordering online.A gift of your brother’s beloved chocolate cake together with a beautiful Rakhi will decidedly be a fantastic concept to bank upon. It’s possible to have them customized based cake on your choice and the mixture of flowers you have to have in your bouquet. It’s possible for you to choose same-day cake delivery or even midnight cake shipping service from the Online Cake NCR. A cake or a lot of flowers at midnight is the way an individual can aspire to celebrate Rakshabandhan. You’ve got to attempt to add sweets to the plate that could be enjoyed by both.

Raksha Bandhan Cake - Online Cake NCR

Cakes are the stunning expressions of feelings that could evoke the blissful emotions of loved ones for one another. Cakes are the ideal gifts for each occasion. They are one of the perfect representation of love and affection. Explore our store to discover the type of Raksha Bandhan Cake you want to find. You can order online through our website that have a wide selection of great cakes we deliver at any place at any moment in the 24 hours.  As soon as we speak about cakes, there are quite a few options which range from basic cakes to designer and photo-based cakes. At our website, we’ve got countless number of Rakhi Cakes. Other most well-known gifts are cakes and gift-combos that are preferred by plenty of sisters around the nation. The value of flowers cannot be described.  So individuals who want to provide some twist within this annual fest of togetherness, for them Rakhi with cake combo is among the best options.

Independence Day Cake in Noida :- A Unique way to Celebrate This Proud Moment Of Independence Day

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Independence Day is a very special and proud moment for every Indian. It is celebrated in the month of August in India annually on 15 August, That is a National Holiday in India commemorating the nation’s independence since 15 August 1947. India attained independence following movement noted for Largely non-violent resistance and civil disobedience. It coincides with the partition of India, in which the British Indian Empire was divided along religious lines into the Dominions of India and Pakistan; the partition was accompanied by violent riots and mass casualties, and the displacement of nearly 15 million people due to sectarian violence.

Independence Day Cake in Noida - Online Cake NCR
On this special day, we Onlinecakencr offering wide varieties of our freshly baked independence day cake in Noida. So on this Independence day with your family order online Independence day cake in Noida from Online Cake NCR. OCN also celebrating Independence day cake in Noida with 20% discount in all categories of our cake. Even you can book a cake & gifts for your loved one and celebrate Independence day even when you are away from them. Express your love with our vast varieties of cakes, flowers & chocolates with your loved ones on this Independence Day on this 15th August 2018.


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A very first Girlfriend day is an exciting moment. At Online Cake NCR, you’ll locate some of the most unique birthday present for Girlfriend. A cake is likewise a chance to express the situations you enjoy in life.One of the greatest ideas is to compose a gorgeous romantic quotation on the cake. Such things may well be represented on the cake that makes the cake very compelling and distinctive. They are the perfect symbol of happiness, whenever there is a happy occasion cakes are there. Look for the prettiest cake you’re able to find on our site, then choose a bundle of flower to take to your Girlfriend. Sometimes, even just a symbolic single flower will present your affection. Perfume If a girlfriend is acquainted with the kind of fragrance she likes, perfumes are the ideal option for Girlfriend Day 1st August.

Girlfriend Day 1st august

Online Cake NCR offer you the abundance of luscious and velvety cakes in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. If you’re pondering to surprise your girl on girlfriend day 1st august to express your affection, cake would be a perfect present for her. There is a broad array of gifts for girls in which you’ll be able to select something for her. There are endless types of cakes to select from. If you are picking the cake for Girlfriend Day 1st August, you can decide on a colorful cake with flowers over the top. Cakes have turned into an indispensable portion for girlfriend.

Girlfriend Day - Online Cake NCR


Life is all concerning celebrating special days and occasions together with your lover particularly on the day that meant to them like Girlfriend Day 1st August. Relationships are important and special days are ideal to require to all or any those happy moments and build those relationships stronger and higher. A surprise party together with your girlfriend would simply become a method of expressing love with a personalized love message on a cake is shipped across or taken on to her. Similarly, if you wish to celebrate your girlfriend’s big day, a surprise party with all her favorites things would be an excellent way to celebrate. each occasion is sort of a big day for her of a year, and with a beautiful message for her on cakes from us, it’ll become an excellent memory.

Is it a Birthday? Order Birthday Cake in Noida!

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Birthdays are the special and extraordinary occasion for every one of us. Birthday Cake gives us the opportunity to celebrate the occasion with joy and happiness. There is a wide range of gifting options available along with the cake which you may find with an internet bakery shop. While you Order Birthday Cake in Noida you get people who feel happy to serve you and most of them also provide Midnight cake delivery service, which really can surprise your loved ones, particularly when it’s their huge moment. It’s possible to go online and look for the cakes, see the images of available cakes or cake designs and set the purchase. Birthday cakes come in different varieties depending upon what occasion it has to be present for such as birthday, anniversary etc. Birthday cakes are always mouthwatering and make a fantastic gift for the one whose birthday is on that day.


Benefits of Ordering Birthday Cake in Noida

Consequently, decoration of the cake must be very precisely focused on, because, in any birthday, the very first thing you will see is birthday cake. That is why selection of cakes is without a doubt an intriguing segment. A cake delivery in Noida is really beneficial as it saves a good deal of time and energy. With a credible cake shipping service to Order Birthday Cake in Noida, you can receive any type of cake without thinking of the traffic and stay clear of it and save our time. An internet cake delivery usually means an ideal mixture of quality and uniqueness in design that is why it’s rating is based upon consumer satisfaction. 100% pure edible things are used in our cakes so there’s not any type of quality concerns. If possible, better compare the available options and make sure that you are choosing a reasonable cake.


Ideal place to Order Birthday Cake in Noida

There’s no other present better than a birthday cake. They have always been the most delicious dessert. Everyone loves to receive a surprise and if it involves cake then, the happiness gets highly appreciable, so place your purchase now. Just Order Birthday Cake in Noida and enjoy the service at your doorstep. Because Today, various online cake outlets such as offer perfect online cakes conveyance to their clients. Now you don’t need to stick to poor cakes when here is a chance to get the best cakes in town with our internet cake shop; which deal in a wide and exhaustive number of excellent cakes popular in all sections of the planet.

Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida

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Birthday is celebrated when there is an anniversary of the birth of a person. A person’s birthday comes once a year, so its rare occurrence makes it an occasion to celebrate. A birthday celebration is incomplete without cutting a cake by the person whose birthday is on that day. This is why a birthday cake is essential for any birthday celebration. Birthday cake is typically highly decorated and covered with candles when it is being presented to the person whose birthday it is. The no. of candles on the cake denotes the age of the celebrant. Before the cake is cut, the person makes a wish and blows the candles. This is a ritual for a birthday celebration. It is becoming a trend everywhere to celebrate birthdays with cakes especially at midnight. In metro cities like Delhi NCR, for Midnight Birthday celebration it is necessary that the birthday cake delivers at exactly 12 A.M. So the facility of Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida and Delhi NCR is provided by various delivery services.

Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida - Online Cake NCR

Want a Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida?

Now as we get to know the importance of cakes on birthdays, so its time for us to know how to get the birthday cakes for ourselves or for gifting our special ones on their day. It doesn’t matter you are with your loved ones or not, you can send your love along with birthday cakes and gifts anytime on their special day; and it is only possible because of Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida services which is provided by various bakers both online and offline. It’s totally up to you whether you want to go to the bakery and order the cake, or you can go online and look for various online delivery services such as and choose the cake of your choice and order it. Few websites give the opportunity to the customers to customize the cake according to their wish.

birthday cake delivery in noida

Fastest and Punctual Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida

The most important factors to look upon while you need Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida are firstly the punctuality and the delivery time by the one who delivers; secondly, the remaining of the cake in its shape and freshness. On websites like, we get the assurity of both the factors. They provide a wide range of decorative and unique cakes such as Fondant Cakes, Red Velvet Cakes, Photo Cakes, etc. Various customization options are also available such as designing themed cakes with various changes. They also care for you and keep that in consideration that you want to make your special one’s day a blast, so gifting options such as teddy bears, chocolates, flowers are also available from them. You just need to go to their website and choose the cake, it’s design, it’s quantity, date and time to deliver and place the order for the cake. These people will be more than happy to serve you with their best services and on time.


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Wondering how to make your birthday very special? Want it an occasion to be remembered for the whole year? Do you want to give your taste buds a real treat? And you don’t have spare time to go to the market or it’s too late at night. If these are the questions in your mind – Then your search is over. We present to you where you can order online birthday cake in Noida, just at the click of a mouse.For centuries cake cutting has been the most significant and inseparable ritual of a birthday celebration. Just as without singing the ‘Happy Birthday Song’ a birthday cannot be celebrated, similarly, without a cake the complete joy of celebrating a birthday is incomplete. Be it a little child or an octogenarian, irrespective of any age, we all love to celebrate by cutting our birthday cake. In addition to birthdays, cakes are consumed in many other occasions like anniversaries, promotions, festivals and a host of other events.


Spoilt for Choices – Variety and Range of Cakes

In addition to being consumed on special occasions, cakes have also qualified as the best desserts nowadays. The market is flooded with a variety of cakes with different ingredients to satisfy the uniqueness of everyone’s taste buds. Also, there are cakes in different shapes and sizes, with fat and without fat, egg and eggless etc. the list is endless. Also, different countries, cultures, and cuisines have their own unique local cakes.  However for birthday celebrations, the best seller is still the Truffle cakes and you can now even order online birthday cake in Noida in many varieties and flavors like Truffles, cream cakes, cheesecakes etc.Gone are the days when one had to physically scout for a cake at the local market, not sure of its antecedents and when it was prepared.

Special Cake For Girls-250x250

We had to go by the face value of the baker who always told us that the cake was the freshest baked by them. But lo behold, times have changed now and changed for the good. You can just now check a varied assortment of online birthday cake in Noida just by the click of a mouse. Ordering a cake online is a blessing for those people who have a hectic lifestyle and want to get that perfect cake for their loved ones. Just by sitting in the comforts of your home or office, you can virtually order and schedule deliveries according to your convenience. You can avail the facility of ordering for midnight delivery or same day shipping service, whichever is convenient for you.

Make Up Cake-250x250 You one stop shop for the most scrumptious cakes online

So we introduce to you, where baking a cake is an art and with our magical recipes, fresh ingredients and secret methods we craft the most scrumptious cakes, that will satisfy your taste buds much above their expectation. We put our heart and soul to bake the freshest and luscious cakes take will make the occasion more special and memorable. You can order from our exquisite range of premium cakes in different flavors and can also order designer cakes and customize them with photos etc. to give them a more personal touch. We also give daily discounts and offers to deliver the highest quality product at very affordable rates. We do express as well as midnight delivery on online birthday cake in Noida so you can get your cake at your doorsteps in a few hours.

Midnight Cake Delivery in Noida

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Whenever there is a celebration for a special day, it is said that without sweetening our mouth the celebration is worthless. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding Day, Inaugurations, Success Parties, Farewells, etc. are the most popular occasions when we throw parties and celebrate them with people close to us or who are related to the cause of celebration. Usually, Birthdays and Anniversaries are the occasions when we do Midnight celebrations. The Midnight celebrations involve decorating the place, Cake cutting, etc.

When we are unable to celebrate the special day of our loved ones with them, then we try to deliver our love to them by throwing them a surprise party and sending cake to them at 12 A.M. The facility of Midnight Cake Delivery in Noida is provided by, where you can order the cake and the midnight delivery is done for your loved ones on their special day.


Why do we need Midnight Cake Delivery in Noida

Birthdays are the sign of our presence in life, Anniversaries i.e. Friendship Anniversaries or Wedding Anniversaries marks the togetherness. In Delhi NCR and other metro cities, there is a trend of midnight celebrations even on small occasions. As you know that the celebration is incomplete without cutting the cake, there is a need to have a midnight celebration for an astonishing start to your special day, as the cakes are considered to be an inseparable part to any celebration.

Sometimes the freshness of the cake cannot stay long and we need our midnight celebrations to be the best with the fresh and tasty cakes. So the Midnight Cake Delivery in Noida started so that the people can celebrate their special occasion with rich, fresh and tasty cakes. We can give a wide variety of gifts to someone, but gifting something with associated memories, such as customized photo cakes is remembered forever.

Kitkat Gems Cake-250x250How to take Midnight Cake Delivery in Noida

On websites like, the Midnight Cake Delivery in Noida option is available and it also gives you the facility of gifting your loved ones with teddy bears and flowers along with the cakes. The website has a large and awesome collection of a variety of cakes such as Fondant Cakes, Photo Cakes, Eggless Cakes, Customized Cakes and many more. You just need to go to their website, choose the type of cake, it’s design, it’s quantity, it’s weight, date and time to deliver and the owner will be more than happy to provide you with their service at your place with the exact delivery time that you chose.

The online portals made everything so easy and fast at the convenience of choosing from a wide assortment on different sites, comparing them, contact them and place your order at the comfort of our home, workplace or any other place; without going to the market and shops for every single thing.

A Special Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida

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Celebration with cake for virtually any occasion is a need of day and that’s why we (Online Cake NCR) are here in order to make you comfortable to order what you would like for Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida. Order cakes can be quite so uncomplicated.  During the time you are ordering your cake, if you’re not sure concerning the flavor that you wish to order, you are certainly able to visit our site Online Cake NCR and see all the online cakes in Delhi available with us. All that you’ve got to do is sit in front of your computer and choose the ideal cake to Send Cakes to Delhi!


Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida is not only your normal cake shop, But also we are serving you more than two years with hundred plus varieties in Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Delhi & Faridabad as well. which are prepared to satisfy your wish for the best cakes.You simply have to specify all your demands while placing order cake online same day shipping. The delivery outlays, the transportation charges for dropping into a bakery are the extra hassles which you don’t have to bear. You don’t need to bother about the delivery.

happy birthday kids cake-250x250

A Best way to find a Ideal Cake for your Special one’s Birthday – Online Cake NCR

Aside from that one may also get the cake in a price range that they can afford and in addition to that, Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida also have some combo packs with an ideal group of things that you can get on distinct occasions. Mentioned below are a few exclusive added benefits of ordering cakes online. You just need to go online, browse our cake site Online Cake NCR, select your choice cake, select a shipping mode, and find exactly the same cake at your house at a time which suits you the very best.

Birthday Mouse Cake for Kids-250x250

You may acquire diverse flavors and varieties to pick from. Our online cake store has produced a niche place for itself due to the large catalog of cakes and cupcakes that could easily satisfy the wider assortment of taste buds. There are various sorts of cakes accessible Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida.When choosing a bakery for your upcoming event you desire the best. A. Cakes are intended to surprise the dear ones so you may mention message when making orders online and we Birthday Cake Delivery in Noida write the specific message over the card. As soon as you have identified the time frame you should count, you will need to be aware of exactly how to count the days in that period of time.



Get Birthday Cakes For Kids On Your Doorstep

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When it has to do with birthdays, a cake has become the most fail-safe gift alternatives, which often succeeds in tempting the foodies in your nearest and dearest. The birthday cake has been an important portion of every birthday for quite a while. Birthday parties for the kids are almost always special and enjoyable. Parents love their kids more than every other things on the planet. Kids feel happy with small friends gathering and party provided that they’re realized to be somewhat special. Purchasing a cake is a great alternative if you don’t have enough time to make one yourself or if you intend on adding elaborate details to your child’s birthday cake that may be tough to make yourself. So, the best thing which you can do on a kids birthday cake in Noida is to get a design of your very best moment that you spent the very first time. It’s possible to order birthday cakes at the ease of your house and we’ll be sure that it’s delivered well on time.

birthday cakes for girls in noida

When the cake is dispatched, it is going to arrive at the time which was mentioned by customer. Fruit cake is truly very yummy and healthy. A guitar-shaped cake is perfect for a rock party. Also you may add a whole lot of flower to the present. Nothing creates a party quite enjoy an ideal cake. You don’t need to go anywhere to hunt for your cartoon cake. Whole Foods Oftentimes parents should be a little more conscientious concerning the ingredients of the cake they serve. Online cake NCR helps you receive the ideal character cakes.


Choose Your Kids Birthday cake and Get Delivered On Time

A remarkably popular alternative for kids birthday cakes in Noida is using an edible image. The large part of the girls may wish to be princesses let them dress up. They will love cracking these open to find a neat surprise inside.

There’s certain to be dino-mite food, games and enjoyable! If you neglect to plan early, odds are, you’d wind up buying overpriced items simply because you’re running out of time. If you’ve got very little time, look at growing some of your favorites. Online cake NCR is best in Delhi/NCR for Cake and Flower Delivery. You may Also try Our App by following this Link:


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