Online cake delivery in Bangalore

The joy of celebrating!!

Online cake delivery in BangaloreSince ages, birthdays have been celebrated with so much zest and joy. Family and children sing a birthday song, following which a cake-cutting ceremony takes place. It is usually the way birthday are live up to. Parents celebrate their kids’ birthdays by hosting small parties at home, inviting their friends and getting cakes. So, cakes hold a special significance in everyone’s life. And with the help of advancement in internet connectivity; now it is easier to host the best birthday party by ordering a big scrumptious cake online. Yes, you heard it right; now get online cake delivery in Bangalore.By ordering it from the official website. Therefore, many companies are providing these services for your comfort. Thus Online cake delivery in Bangalore has surely made things easier for you, you can get your cake delivered at your home or office or anywhere else you want.

Varieties of cakes from online cake delivery in Bangalore –


Women’s Day cakes – Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March internationally every year to honor all the women around the world. Make your mother, daughter, friend or teachers feel special; and honor them by getting them a scrumptious and divine cake from Online Cake NCR. So, Order online and we will deliver it right at your home or office.

Online cake delivery in Bangalore

Birthday cakes – The most desired cakes are birthday cakes. Amidst your busy schedules, one does not get enough time to buy special cakes for their dear ones. Thus, now with online delivery, you can get the yummiest and fanciest cakes just at a single click.

Anniversary cakes – Wedding anniversaries are one the most special days in a couple’s life, which celebrate the bond of their relationship. These moments are incomplete without a cake cutting ceremony. You can celebrate your anniversary by cutting a delightful cake with your partner.

Designer cakes These days satisfying all kids’ needs is nearly impossible, especially on their birthdays. So Kids demand varied things from their parents on their birthday. One of their special demands is getting a big designer cake for kids. Designer cakes are available in different flavors and styles. Therefore, you can choose from a wide variety of these cakes online with your child and they will be happy. Thus, satisfying the kid’s needs.

Online cake delivery in Bangalore

Congratulatory cakes – Celebrate your loved one’s success, achievement or any of their accomplishments; by getting them an exceptional congratulatory cake through online cake delivery in Bangalore. Also, a baby shower is not complete without a big 3 tier cake cutting; which you can just order online and we will deliver it at your place.


We deliver cakes throughout Bangalore with the fastest delivery with the help of online cake delivery in Bangalore. Online cake NCR chefs have years of experience in serving you fresh baked good quality cakes. Our main aim is to provide you with the best quality cakes and to make your special day a memorable affair to remember.

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